Sunday, October 15, 2006

Common sense on drug policy in uncommon places

The Las Vegas Review Journal has a great editorial dissing John Walters latest appearance in the state on behalf of prohibition. The money quote:
Electioneering on the taxpayer dime is illegal in most states -- and should be for federal officials, too. Nevadans are perfectly capable of weighing the issues surrounding Question 7 and rendering judgment on their own without being browbeaten by the standard-bearer for decades of failed federal drug policy.

Mr. Walters should have stayed home.
And the the LAT clues us into a new tourist destination. It seems like an unlikely place to find a marijuana mecca, but the little town of Eureka Springs, Arkansas, will vote next month on whether to make misdemeanor marijuana arrests the city's lowest law enforcement priority. It sounds like an interesting little place.
Tucked into a remote hollow in the northwest Arkansas hills, Eureka Springs has been called the most eccentric town in the state, the largest open-air asylum in the country, a place where misfits fit.

The town's population of 2,278 is a mix of conservative Christians and aging hippies who, as they tell it, wandered into the area around 1973 and never left.
My kind of town. In Arkansas. Go figure.

[hat tip to Austin Defense Lawyer]


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