Saturday, August 05, 2006

Five easy pieces

The lovely, good witch Maeve has tagged me with a meme. I've never been tagged before, I kind of feel like I'm wearing a scarlet letter but since I've been sitting here for hours trying to think of something I feel like blogging about, this seems like a good place to start today. So here goes....

Five items in my closet

1.The baseball hat I bought in San Diego for my Dad five years ago and never remember to bring when I visit.

2. C arefully swathed in plastic, an orginal chalk drawing of a sexy mermaid, done by my dear friend Mark Bode, that I never got around to framing.

3. My "train set" luggage, two round cases that don't hold much but look so cool when you're traveling.

4. A guitar.

5. Tweetie bird flip-flops.

Five things in my freezer

1. A big bag of ice

2. A box of baking soda

3. A box of frozen spinach

4. Frozen dinners

5. About to add a bottle of Bombay gin. (the original pagan recipe - not the Sapphire)

Five Things in my car

1.Roll of paper towels

2. Fleece sweatshirt

3. Kleenex

4. Maps

5. One of those silver sunscreen things

I'd note that I just got the car and haven't had time to junk it up yet.

I don't know who to tag, so I'm going to ask my sister (and anyone else who would like to play) to leave their answer in the comments.


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