Thursday, August 03, 2006

Change is good

I spent the day doing car stuff and helping the family out. Seemed the least I could do since they gave me the car for free. I drove the old Ford for the last time tonight. I was feeling a little sad about it until the damn stalling thing started to happen on the way home. I'm going to miss the room and the auto transmission but it will be nice to have a car that I can depend on again. I'll be able to go to the big city once in while without freaking out about breaking down.

Meanwhile, in another technological breakthrough, I successfully completed a call on the cell phone today. What's it been? Maybe three weeks since I got the phone? This is speedy for me. I managed to remember to turn it on this morning and I got a call on it from the family this afternoon. My ring tone is some kind of song. I was in the other room when the call came in and it took a while to figure that it was my phone singing. Of course by the time I dug it out of my bag it was too late to answer it so I had to call back.

I discovered I have messages too, but I haven't figured out to retreive those yet. Maybe I'll try to set up my mailbox tomorrow at the doctor's office. I figure I'll have some down time between the blood draw and the appointment. But if that seems too ambitious, maybe I'll try to figure out how the camera works instead. That would make me feel pretty techno-buff.


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