Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Aria you ready for this?

Thehim at Reload catches the latest trend in Berlin. A new opera being staged in the city will feature actors smoking marijuana on stage and audience participation is encouraged in order to enjoy the full import of the piece. The opera company figures they will be covered by artistic license. They may well be. Although public cannabis consumption is frowned upon, its personal use is treated casually by the German authorities. They say they've given up on busting small time consumers and people growing a plant or two on their balconies. The opera company views this as a test case. Hope they pass it.

And while you're at ReLoad, scroll down to read some of the other posts. Thehim has got some really interesting events to report on. He was even given press credentials for one of them. (I wonder why no one offers me a press card?)

And of course while you're there, don't forget to play a quick game of Zonk. I've been sucking at it lately, but it's still fun, even if you lose.


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