Sunday, July 30, 2006

Down on the farm

I finally managed to drag myself to the farmer's market yesterday. I was psyched for fresh veggies. I even brought my camera to capture the colorful crowds. I'm afraid it was something of a letdown.

Maybe it was because I didn't get there until almost noon, right before they closed and it was hotter than Hades but there were only about five actual farmers among the dozen or so booths and the selection left something to be desired. No squash, no melons, only one stand with a few pathetic ears of corn left that had been sitting in the sun for hours...

I ended up only buying the three tomatos and the three peppers and I thought I paid a lot -- almost four dollars -- considering it was a farmer's mart. Nonetheless, I tried the vintage tomato today, that's the odd color red one and it was really good so I suppose it was worth the trek.

If I was in the market for breads and cakes I would have been all set. There were at least five booths with those and there were odd booths with jewlery and paper arts and such. The most interesting vendors were the two poor musicians sweating in the sun and playing their guitars. I didn't have heart to take their picture. They looked so unhappy.

It's funny. All the local musicians around here seem to be seasoned guys in their late middle age. So unlike Noho where they were mostly earnest young bucks with a lot of enthusiam. How my life has changed.


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