Saturday, July 29, 2006

Fungi of the Week

This thing looked like someone had tossed a brain into the yard from the front door. I swear it popped up like overnight. I didn't see a sign of it before then.

Last year there were a couple of dozen of these little yellow guys. So far this year, this is only one I've seen but maybe he'll propagate. We're due for some more rain soon.

I continue to be amazed at how many different varieties of mushrooms I have in this yard. I often think on damp days, that walking out the door feels like stepping right inside of one.

I wonder if maybe it's all the spores in the air. Who knows where they come from. And it's odd that they're so different from the other house. They get mostly puffballs up there.

You never see anything like these orange guys around that yard. This one was up earlier in the week. I never got out there again to see what it looked like when it fully opened and it disappeared since.

And this is what passes for excitement out here in the bucolic hitherlands. Yep, I can hardly wait to see what pops up next week.


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