Friday, August 04, 2006

Passenger charged with drunk driving

It's hard to believe this case has moved so far through the court system. The driver of a car passed a roadside sobriety testso the cops arrested the passenger for a DUI because he said he had held the steering wheel for a minute while the driver was eating a sandwich.

Okay, so the driver did have a sandwich in his hands when the cop got to the car. And the car may well have served for moment but it didn't crash, they didn't hit anybody and the cop didn't actually see the drunk passenger hold the steering wheel. The first judge refused to sign off on the arrest warrant, but the cops got to pitch it to another judge who agreed to issue the warrant.
"At this point, it got past the (district judge). The trooper thought there was probable cause to arrest the passenger. And while it seems silly to some people, you have a highly intoxicated person at least steering the vehicle in ... an erratic manner," Sibert said.
Silly hardly seems to cover it. What the hell are they doing wasting the taxpayer's money on this when there's surely drunks who are actually driving their cars still out there, who will go undetected, while the cops are busy pursuing passengers.

Radley is right, it's not just a war on some drugs anymore. The prohibitionists are now targeting booze as well.


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