Thursday, March 09, 2006

Fan mail

So I also posted the Ambien story at DetNews yesterday with a different emphasis. You have to love my critics.
From: Michigan_Patriot
City: macomb, MI USA
Subject: Weblog: Libby Spencer

Comments: Hey, you stoned old hag, care to cite the legitimate studies that prove that Ambien is a "medication far more dangerous than marijuana" as you stated in your daily lie?

I don't use either one, but I'd still like to know on what "proof" (outside of NORML) you base this claim on. A true medical study would be nice.
I'm sure this guy is really a former co-blogger, Michael Ward. But it gets better. I love this one.
From: Peter Pettigrew
City: Troy, MI USA
Subject: Weblog

Comments: Marijuana use is dangerous. Numerous studies suggest that is effects on psychological and biological well being are just now being felt. Marijuana use has been linked to anti-social behavior during the 1920’s, crime and violence in the 1930’s which directly lead to WWII, and opiate addiction during the 1960’s which was also the precursor to the Vietnam war as the US government sought out territory to grow its own supply of opiates to keep the hippy population in check.

Marijuana use affects citizenship, motivation, and job performance. It is a well documented fact that citizens that smoke marijuana are more likely to defect to the soviet union (Marijuana: The Red Devils Stepchild, PP 1951). Heavy Marijuana use is consistent with an unproductive life, and undesirable behavior. It is also a fact that it leads to health impairments such as lung disease, chromosome damage, reproductive failure and brain dysfunction (Institute of Medicine, GFT 1889)

Until more research is done on the elderly, pregnant women, and the psychiatrically vulnerable we will have no solid conclusions on just how damaging casual marijuana use is. The risk for disease or dysfunction, particularly on adolescents, need to be studied systematically and carefully.
Love the "more likely to defect" defense. Wish he had provided some documentation for that. But really, what do you say to these guys? Anything you say is a waste of bandwidth; they won't listen to logic. And they're so vitriolic, I don't think anyone really takes them seriously.


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