Monday, March 06, 2006

Taxpayer pays the cost so DEA can be the boss

What is it with our government and extradition these days. Here's yet another tens (maybe hundreds) of thousands of tax dollars spent on bringing a drug defendant back to be prosecuted in US courts.
Zeev Rosenstein was driven to Israel's international Ben Gurion Airport, under police escort where he was handed over to US police who accompanied him on a flight to Miami, Florida.

Rosenstein was arrested on November 8, 2004 and placed in provisional detention as part of a joint investigation between the Israeli police and the US Drug Enforcement Administration. He is suspected of heading up a ring that distributed a million ecstasy tablets in the United States and western Europe. Twenty alleged associates have also been arrested in the United States.
We already have 20 defendants from this alleged drug ring. Presumably this has already cramped their operation and some other ring has taken over to supply the demand. The drugs are alleged to have been distributed in several countries. They already had him in an Israeli jail. So why didn't Israel prosecute him? How about one of the other countries in western Europe? Why didn't they extradite? Could it be the case isn't that strong and we've got the only government willing to waste tax dollars on pursuing a marginal case?

G-d knows being clapped into the private jails of the US gulag while awaiting trial is a cruel punishment in and of itself, but it certainly won't stop the drug from entering the country so why should the US taxpayers be paying for this?


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