Sunday, March 05, 2006

While away the hours, conversing with the flowers...

If you like watching tourists aimlessly wandering around, today's the day to check out the Smith College greenhouse cam. The bulb show opened this weekend and the flowers are in full bloom.

I have to admit I watched it for ten minutes to see if I recognized anybody. Of course I didn't. No self respecting townie would go on the opening weekend. The greenhouse is open every day and it's much more fun to go when the place is empty. I went to see it every year on the off hours myself. When you live in the cold and are still looking at six weeks miminum to springlike weather, the show is very restorative and the rest of the greenhouse is always comforting through the many months of winter.

Fond memories but of course here I just look outside. The forsythia are blooming in the hood right now. It doesn't have the same miraculous aspect that the spring blooms have up north, but I'm finding it just as comforting. I may go out for a walk in a bit and try to get some photos. The wind is down again and I think it's going to be a little warmer this afternoon.


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