Thursday, March 09, 2006

Who does he think he's foolin'?

Today's irritating screed comes courtesy of D.L. McCracken in Halifax Live. In Confessions of a Reformed Pot Smoker, he claims to be an aging hippie. A former member of peace and love flower children of the 60s. I think he's lying. He was probably a ROTC guy and jealous of the long haired guys who were having fun -- not to mention the free love thing.

No self respecting hippie would have "written" this column which is little more than an cut and paste of an ONDCP fax. Clearly he wasn't a real hippie if he doesn't remember the legendary strains of weed back then when he "opines" on how today's marijuana is so much stronger than the "recreational pot" we smoked then. But he sets himself forward as a participant. I guess it's like they say, if you claim to remember it, you weren't really a part of it. And all the recycled "hippie slang" in the world doesn't legitimize a lazy columnist's retreaded and false propaganda for prohibition.


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