Thursday, March 09, 2006

News Flash: Women have breasts

Shush. Don't tell anyone but Loretta Nall is well endowed. Alabama's resident political columnist, Bob Ingrams ran a column last week on her natural assets. He was horrified to find out she has cleavage and just had to post a picture of her bosom to prove it. He thinks his mama would have come down with the vapors, had she lived long enough to see the photo.

Maybe his mama didn't have any cleavage. I can sympathize with that. I'm a little short in the cleavage department myself. Never could understand how G-d worked that stuff out, that some women get more than then need and some get less. Why her clevage should be of concern to old Bob, and he is getting up there in years, is a mystery to me.

Loretta has the perfect response:

If I ever get Mr. Ingrams contact information I think I'll start by saying, "Now that you and the rest of Alabama have been introduced to the twins perhaps you'd like to meet the rest of me."

If Ingrams manages to get over his fear of boobs and crawls out from under his bed, it will interesting to hear his response. And if he can tear his eyes off her breasts for a moment, an analysis of her policy positions might be a more appropriate topic for a so called political columnist.


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