Saturday, March 11, 2006

Action Alert: Tell it to the BBC

Can the war on drugs be won? What do you think of the drug laws in your country?
It's estimated that five percent of the world’s adult population has used drugs over the last twelve months. The illegal trade is said to be worth as much as $400billion per year. ...What's the best way to tackle drug supply and abuse? Is drug use becoming socially acceptable? Would legalisation make the problem better or worse?
These questions will be addressed on the BBC program "Have Your Say" on Sunday, 12 March at 9 am EST, 8 am CST, 7 am MST 6 am PST in North America, or 2 pm (14:00 hours) UTC/GMT wherever you are. The program actually starts at five minutes after the hour immediately after the news break.

This is sure to be a lively and informative discussion between Antonio Marie Costa, Executive Director of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime; Danny Kushlick of Transform Drug Policy Foundation, the United Kingdom's leading drug policy reform organization; and Law Enforcement Against Prohibition Executive Director, Jack Cole.
The show is broadcast on both radio and TV to 65 countries and over the internet.

For details, see here. To find out how you can listen to the program please go to Radio Schedules here. Please check your local cable/satellite TV listings to see if you may watch the show.

To get involved in the discussion before and during the show, go to the BBC website. Please consider writing at least one short question and submitting it to the producers prior to the show. Also consider writing a follow up note after the broadcast to BBC with your perceptions of the event. You may use this form to provide the BBC with feedback.

Every voice counts.


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