Monday, January 16, 2006

The Weekly Nall

Loretta is getting familiar with the Statehouse in preparation for her gubernatorial run and on behalf of drug policy reform. Day One was a bit of a wash legislatively but comes with colorful backstory and Day Two saw some drug legislation of dubious value come before the body.

Meanwhile, Terry's holding down the news side of the blog. Definitely worth a scroll. My personal favorite is about the jury who acquitted a store owner on drug paraphernalia charges for selling blankets with a big marijuana leaf on them.

From the story, this has got to be the quote of the day.
Police Chief Rich Adriaens criticized the decision, saying the jury could have taken a stand against drugs. "Just because six people found someone not guilty doesn't mean the crime didn't occur," Adriaens said.
He's right. A crime did occur. He's criminally negligent in wasting thousands of dollars of the taxpayer's money prosecuting an activity that no one in his community considers a crime.


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