Friday, January 13, 2006

Mr. Wooldridge Goes to Washington

I'm behind on posting Howard Wooldridge's newsletter. Latest issue is now available on the website and finds Howard touring around town for the holdiays with a friend. If you've ever spent any time with him however, you know that nothing stops him from spreading the word, anywhere or at anytime. That tshirt of his is a real icebreaker on the subject.
I was asked by a woman my age, "WHY?" I gave the usual reply. She said her husband works for the DEA and had just landed desk duty in DC. She now prays daily to God that he keeps the desk job until he retires in a few years. She told me they both know that the policy is no good and that dying for the policy would have no meaning or purpose. I choked up on her words, wished her well and we departed.

With the holiday and a visitor from Germany I was only able to meet with 9 staffers this week. The legislative director of a Congressman, who used to be an attorney general of a major state, gave me a solid hour of his time. He trotted out the same old lies and distortions heard in all 50 states, i.e. cannabis is a gateway drug, increased strength = 1973 Shaffer Report is worthless, millions would use heroin if it were legal for adults, etc. When I asked him a question which he could not or did not want to answer, he just jumped to another lie. It was fun for me and uncomfortable for him and his assistant.
Howard advises he's also going through slime remover by the gallon now that he's lobbying in the DC circuit and check out his spiffy new cowboy hat at the link. Go get 'em cowboy.


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