Friday, January 13, 2006

Outrages of the week

This is irritating. As Radley points out former presidential advisor Dick Morris has had his own problems with consenual crimes. So it's especially galling to see him spouting off in an op-ed calling for universal drug testing in the schools and an escalation of the failed drug war in general. not on the grounds of public safety but for political advantage. He said, "Crime is down, but drug use is still a vital Republican issue. Put it back on the agenda."

This statement would indicate he's living under the rock he crawled out from if it's indictative of his understanding of the politics around the issue.
As the victory of Evo Morales in Bolivia makes clear, cocaine is concomitant of oil in fueling terrorism in the Western Hemisphere. The narcoterrorists use our dependence on black oil and white cocaine to power their anti-American work and terrorist activities. Soon their terror will spread to our shores. Already the cocaine infects our young.
If Dick is expecting to get back into the pundit game, he better get a better handle on world events than this fine example of yesterday's propaganda. Apparently he didn't notice the policy reformers have been succeeding in debunking this line of crap.

Meanwhile, you should hang out at The Agitator and just read the last couple of days' entries. Radley continues his SWAT team follies watch and has a whole bunch of bum busts, including a disturbing account of a SWAT team being used to serve a warrant for a white collar crime, and the physical maltreatment of an elderly couple in Hawaii who were caring for their grandchildren and were mistakenly raided by the SWAT team looking for a box of marijuana. Worse yet, it took them three tries to find the box, so a second home was also wrongly raided. No indication on how much marijuana we're taking about here but it can't be much if it was sent to the island via the US mail.


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