Friday, January 13, 2006

Hey, this is my 3000th post

If I had realized before I drafted this, I may have done something a little more special. This rotation is going to kill me. Sorry I didn't make it here yesterday. Another 12 hour day and by the time I posted on the other two blogs I ran out of steam last night. Thankfully, I have a bit of reprieve this morning but it's going to be another long day.

Anyway, you have to love this town. It's got the world's worst post office. I mean in a town with a population of about 5,000 people, they regularly lose mail. I've not received bills and I've taken to driving my rent check over because they've failed to deliver it a couple of times.

I went over on Tuesday at about 4:00 to post a couple of things. The line was going out the door and they were already out of two cent stamps. Something that I gather happens on a regular basis there. During the holidays, they were out of holiday stamps two weeks before Christmas. Heck they were out of everything but ordinary flag stamps. The buzz is, the postmaster refuses to order enough.

Meanwhile, the guy who works the desk is an Oriental cat who barely speaks English and has some bizarre combination of a Southern/Asian accent that makes nearly impossible to understand what little he does speak. He was really surly because everyone was disgruntled about the stamp shortage. He told a woman ahead of me, he couldn't do anything but sell her a 3 cent stamp. Of course this is not true. He could have run tapes for two cents from the machine, but one supposes he probably doesn't know how to do it, or didn't want to bother with all the people in line. Much grumbling in the line about that, and it is kind of racket -- get that extra penny.

Me I was glad to get the letters out, even for few extra cents. I think the postal guy may be nicer to me next time. I had exact change and he was apparently running out of pennies. It took three tries to figure out that I needed 19 cents. When I handed to him, he said -- All Right! That's the only time I've understood him on the first try.

Update:Or maybe it's not my 3,000th post. I swear the counter said 2999, not 2099 when I went into the program but now it says I'm at 2101. I suppose it's probably me. Long time readers know my dyslexia often kicks in, especially with numbers. Whatever, between the three blogs, I'm certainly well over 3,000 posts on the internets. No wonder I have no life.


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