Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Not getting any younger

You might not believe it, but I forgot my own birthday. I mean I thought of it a few days ago when Southwest Airlines sent me a really bizarre birthday card. It had this little pull tab. I thought a couple of credits might fall out -- it said pull here -- but it was just a strip of paper with gifts printed on it. I'm trying to decide if it's supposed to be a bookmark.

I got a couple of other cards on Saturday but I didn't open them because a little Girl Scout came to the door selling cookies. I put them down to answer the door and was so bemused by door to door cookie sales -- I haven't seen those in years -- that I forgot to open the cards. So I didn't remember when I went to bed last night or when I got up this morning.

Thanks to all my dear friends who emailed greetings to remind me. I might have forgotten how old I am. I think maybe next year I should have a party. It will be a double number.


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