Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I believe in modern miracles

Duct tape is our reward for living with the less beneficial products of progress. I love duct tape. There isn't much it can't fix, at least temporarily. I never travel without a roll of it. I've fixed disintergrating luggage and clothing with it. And I had a great link to a fashion show at some school in New York that featured clothing made entirely of Super duct tape. Unfortunately, that link rotted which that left me with this link to a duct tape wallet. I couldn't work out a post for just the wallet but I couldn't bring myself to delete it either. I've been holding it for over a year.

Now comes my vindication. This is what the wallet is good for. Protecting your privacy. Some enterprising entrepeneur should jump on this right now and start designing foil embedded passport holders. And if you make a million off it, send a me a free one for coming up with the idea, okay?


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