Monday, January 02, 2006

Cat saves man

I know I promised to get back to the drug war today but I've been fooling around instead. I watched the the Rose Bowl parade this morning. The floats proably benefited from the rain. The colors have never looked more vibrant but the unfortunate soggy marchers looked about ready to float away.

I know, parades are kind of lame and I don't love going to them but I love hanging around in my pajamas with a cup of coffee and watching them on television.

But this is the story of the day. A man's pet cat calls 911 to save his owner who has fallen and can't get up.

Before you sneer, consider there was no one else in the apartment. The paramedics arrived to find the cat lying next to the phone with the receiver off the hook and the guy had actually spent some time trying to teach the cat to call 911 in the event of just such an emergency.

And they say dogs are man's best friend. Not that I don't love dogs, but I doubt you could train one to do that.


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