Friday, December 30, 2005

Marijuana madness

SF Chronicle also had a great editorial on the drug war yesterday. The money graf:
Republicans in Congress have been scrambling to cut federal spending to reduce a record deficit. Their 2006 Deficit Reduction Act would cut a paltry $40 billion over five years. If they want to find more savings, they should look to dubious spending on the dubious war on drugs -- to the high cost of incarcerating first-time nonviolent drug offenders, of mandating longer sentences for crack cocaine than powder cocaine and of using federal clout to raid medical-marijuana clubs, prosecute offenders and house them in prison. Cut these programs and Washington could move this country closer to what President H. W. Bush announced as his goal, "a kinder, gentler" America.
Not to mention we could save the social programs for poor people that were so mercilessly cut in order to pay for the GOP's tax breaks for the rich.


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