Saturday, December 31, 2005

Been a long time coming...

Exactly a year ago, I was alone in a hotel room in Newburgh, NY. More exactly, I was soaking in the unexpectedly incredibly great bathtub in my room, drinking a bottle of Moet White Star and shaving my legs, just in case I got into a terrible auto accident on the drive I would be embarking on in the morning. Hey, I had to get through the NY and the NJ turnpikes the next day, it's always a possibility. I wore my best underwear for the same reason. When I grew up that was one of the cardinal rules of good hygiene. They used to say, would you want to have to go to the hospital in ratty underwear? Not me.

I left half the bottle for the housekeeper in the morning and nobody saw my undies, fortunately because of an accident and unfortunately for any other reason. It's hard to believe it's been a year since I said goodbye to the Happy Valley. Actually I never really said goodbye. I left so suddenly that I was tying up loose ends at the law firm until the last 24 hours and left in a rush to get here in time to start this new gig. It's been a singularly solitary life since then and my underwear has remained unseen for any reason, good or bad.

I end the year with a sense of quietude, knowing I made a difficult, but the right choice. But without all of you who come here to my cybercorner of the world to visit, it would have been a much lonelier time. Thanks for the camaraderie and I wish you all a peaceful and prosperous new year.


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