Monday, December 05, 2005

Quick bytes

Playing catchup here tonight so I'm just going to work off the top of the inbox.

Did you know you could join as a member of the Marijuana Policy Project for only ten dollars? If you have forty to spare you can get a nifty tshirt as well. They have the legalization issue coming up Nevada so now would be a good time to donate if you never have before.

Flex Your Rights has a post on the gutless judge who upheld the subway searches in NYC. He basically ruled on behalf of forming a police state.

The Toronto City Council will be taking up the issue of whether to "support federal legislation to decriminalize marijuana, provide crack kits to users and study the need for "consumption" or "safe injection" sites where addicts could inject hard drugs."

I like this one. Broward County, FL is being sued in a class action for illegal strip searches of persons charged with misdemeanors.
[The Plaintiff's] Attorney Kevin Kulik said there may be thousands of people who had their civil rights violated.

''BSO books about 115,000 people a year,'' Kulik said. ``I expect to have maybe 20,000 to 30,000 clients by the time this is all done.''
And under the heading, turnabout is fair play, a big wheel county prosecutor in Montana gets ridiculed and arrested on an illegal stop stemming from "a multi-agency sobriety checkpoint." He had this to say about the ordeal.
"It's given me firsthand experience with something I'd heard about but never encountered myself, that is, these rogue officers who mistreat the public and, frankly, who violate the law."

One wonders if this will change the way he treats defendants from these checkpoints in the future.


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