Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Weird marijuana stories

My camera arrived while I was at work so I'm going to go have a look at it. I'm working again tomorrow so light posting tonight but here's some weird stuff I ran across.

Not that I know of any, but I will definitely not be taking any pictures like this on the the new camera. You have to wonder what people are thinking. Do you really need a picture of yourself in the field?

This guy sounds like kind of jerk but being forced to donate to DARE because of eight sickly plants seems a little over the top.

Woody Harrelson gave up pot for yoga. I don't know. I think he looked a lot less crazy when he was smoking cannabis.

From Noriegaville. Seizures of marijuana in Panama are up. "Has the police become better at finding dope? No, Gustavo Ortega, chief of the PTJ drug squad, explained that the increase indicates that there is overproduction in Colombia and a higher demand internationally. (La Prensa)"

Is this the same state that just allowed ID to be taught as science? City Councillors in Lawrence, Kansas will discuss decriminalizing marijuana withih the city limits.

And the outrage of the day, two ten years olds taken into custody for bringing a bag of parsley to school and pretending it was marijuana." Jeez Louise, these kids likely wouldn't even know what it was except for their stupid DARE programs. So then the kids play pretend, as ten year olds are wont to do, and they arrest them? They should arrest the adults for traumatizing the kids.


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