Friday, November 25, 2005

England swings on pub hours

I'll be interested to see how this works out. England just ended its 11:00pm closing requirement for pubs and other purveyors of alcohol. The doomsayers are predicting mass chaos and a sharp rise in alchohol related misery and mayhem.

I'm with the proponents. After the initial novelty wears off, people will fall into a normal routine and it will cut down on the binge drinking where people order two or more drinks a piece and slug them down in the 20 minutes before such an early closing time. Already the dire predictions about 24 hour pubs across the land have not come true. Most places asked for modest extensions and even then mostly for weekends.

Good to see the Brits take a step back from nanny government over personal affairs. Wish we could say the same at home.


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