Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Will Nevada legalize in 06?

Marijuana Policy Project is gearing up for it's Nevada campaign to put legalization of marijuana on the ballot. They've been plugging away there since 2001 and they keep getting closer every time. This could be the year they suceed. If you're one of those lucky people who have too much money at the end of the year and need to give some away, this is a truly worthy cause. I'll let MPP tell you why.
A win in Nevada would rock the nation ... and cause an avalanche of states to start repealing marijuana prohibition ... which would force Congress to repeal marijuana prohibition at the federal level.

Notably, our opposition is already gearing up against us. The White House drug czar's office even sent a letter of complaint to a University of Nevada student newspaper, warning that arguments for marijuana policy reform are nothing more than "ridiculous lies" from "drug enthusiasts."

The drug czar and his cronies are striking out because they know that public opinion is on our side ... and that we can win.
This would really be a major victory and a validation of the work reformers have done worldwide to raise awareness. This is how we will win the WOsD, state by state.


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