Sunday, November 20, 2005

Eye on Prague

Interesting report on Prague is dealing with petty crime, prostitution and drug dealing in the tourist centers of town. It doesn't sound like they're all that serious about the first two but arrests and convictions on drug offenses have risen sharply in the last few years. More chilling though, was this.

Part of the plan includes a citywide network of cameras. There are 63 cameras in the center of Prague and about 300 citywide. City Hall has already spent nearly 400 million Kc( ($16.1 million) on the measure, which has helped curb crime overall but has had little impact on highly visible street crime.
I find this trend, which exists worldwide, extremely disturbing. It raises privacy concerns in my mind and the longer range ability for law enforcement and government agents to build dossiers on innocent civilians for political reasons is downright frightening. The time might come when the authorities will literally be able to track you anywhere in the world, especially if you take into account the new US program developing spy drones that are eventually intended to "patrol" US cities.


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