Friday, November 18, 2005

Rest in Peace

Taking a moment to say goodbye to the dearly departed. The maintence guy at my old office building in Noho died last week. Mario was 90 years old but he was fixing stuff and climbing tall ladders to replace light bulbs right up to the end. I loved that guy. He knew me for 18 years and never stopped calling me Betty. Even though he knew it's not my real name; it was the only one he could remember. He'll be missed by me and by all at 39 Main.

Also please send a comforting thought to my dear friend Karen, who lost her mom last week. I never met the lady but she was a heck of an artist. She used to make these incredible cards. I framed the one I got for my birthday one year. She was great cake baker as well. I'll never hear a kitchen timer again without feeling a little sad. The world is emptier without her.


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