Thursday, November 17, 2005

Wishing for solitary confinement?

If you were getting your crack from Corey Pittman in Lutcher, LA, you better find a new connection, cause Lousiana's youngest police chief has just been busted and surprisingly, remanded without bail. You have to wonder how many of the competitors he busted in the interim will be in the same jail.

All told, the Chief is alleged to have sold undercover officers "five ounces of crack cocaine, one ounce of cocaine hydrochloride and 40 tablets of hydrocodone, a pain pill." Ironically Pittman admitted past drug related activity when he was pitching the voters for the job but claimed that was all behind him now.

Well - this time for sure. Vleeptron has all the outlandish details and leave our Vleepness a comment would you? It gets lonely on that planet sometimes.


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