Friday, November 18, 2005

What's hot

Drug War Chronicle is back in full time mode and has a slew of good stories. Standouts are an excellent recap of the Long Beach conference and some orginal thinking by Silja Talvi in In These Times and Phil also has a much more on Farid, the ENCOD chairman who was arrested at the airport and denied entry into the country.

It's start at the top and scroll day since Pete at Drug WarRant is back in action as well and has a lot of new reading material. My favorite is Pit Bulls being tested for marijuana. Seems the dogs got seriously out of hand and mauled 2 kids and 4 adults who tried to save them. The owner was found to be in possession of marijuana. The case is tragic but the coverage is hilarious.

On Nov. 5 police handling the dog attack found five harvested marijuana plants growing in Sword's back-yard garden and more than 30 grams of marijuana in his home, Nygren said.
One wonders how harvested plants are still growing. They shot the dogs and are now testing them to see if ingesting marijuana made them vicious. And here's a guy who apparently stands to rake in a share of taxpayer money.
"Dogs usually don't show aggression if they ingest marijuana, but this is a substance that could potentially have that effect," said Mehanovic, a veterinarian. "I personally think the dogs' behavior has nothing to do with marijuana. In a toxicology lab we will eliminate that."
Since when does eating marijuana make anyone violent, dog or man? Why do you think terminally patients eat it? I'll tell you - because it mellows them out and helps them sleep. What a waste and how indicative of the whole sorry premise of the WOsD. When in doubt, blame the weed.

And don't miss Loretta Nall's post on the focus on drug policy and prison reform that's emerging as an issue in the governor's race in Alabama.
Even if she doesn't win the office, Loretta has already won a great victory for the movement in bringing these issues into the public eye. Some remarkable progress is being made, even as you read this, in the "reddest" state of the union. Thanks to Loretta.


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