Sunday, September 25, 2005

Mass marijuana and the surprise return of the cannabis granny

I didn't even know Media Awareness Project has a forum but thanks to JackL who sent over this link. He was actually pointing out the discussion on impending drug testing in Massachusetts High Schools at the bottom, but I see the new material at the top has to do with the Cannabis Granny in the UK, Patricia Tabram, who we previously wrote about here, here and here.

It looks like she was busted again and word has it she is now cooking with cannabis for about 27 elderly or disabled people. They should be giving her an award for contributing the public health, not arresting her.

Meanwhile, I hope the Bay State doesn't cave into drug war madness and start testing kids and sending in drug dogs. They should know better than that. At least outside of Berkshire County which has always been somewhat backward anyway, at least in the North Berkshires. In North County they are just restarting the lamebrained trial of the 18 year old Great Barrington kid who was coerced into selling drugs to an undercover agent in a sting operation. The first trial ended in a hung jury but the DA is determined to put these kids into jail for years over a tiny amount of marijuana under the school zone enhancements.

Talk about your waste of tax dollars. I have some time off coming up. I believe I'll be writing to the Eagle about this case.


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