Thursday, September 22, 2005

More on Marc

Nice cover story in the LA City Beat on Marc Emery's case. It doesn't break any new information but it's an excellent overview of the case with a few new quotes by our own Prince of Pot and a denial, sort of, that the mysterious letters are a DEA sting.

[AUSA]Todd Greenberg laughs at the idea that this is a sting: "You've gotta think: His customers, many of them, are engaged in criminal activity," he says. "Would it shock you that they'd seize upon this as a way to make some money? I think he's paranoid."

Asked if this is a DEA operation, [agent]Jeff Eig says, "Not that I know of."

First of all, pot growers are not common criminals who cheat each other and secondly, if it was a grower, you can be sure they would have come up with a more creative letter than the lame one that was sent out.

You'll also notice that neither of these prohibition profiteers really flatly deny it, they imply it's not true. I'd say that's a pretty fair indication that it really is a DEA sting.


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