Monday, September 19, 2005

Not so swift surrender

My email moves so fast that if I don't check it every couple of hours, mail gets buried three pages back so I almost missed this story. The police in Peel, Canada have a "Green Team" comprised of five officers whose sole job is to bust grow-ops. They're busy guys, averaging about 200 busts a year.

They say the growers are getting smarter, but you couldn't prove it by this one.

Ryan says there are some stranger tales to tell. He recalled the recent story of a hydro worker who was in a Brampton neighbourhood inspecting a line when someone came out of a house waving his arms in the air and calling out, "Okay, you got me."

The man confessed that he was growing marijuana in the house, then collected his family and drove away, leaving his crop for police to harvest.
I wouldn't think it would be so difficult to tell the guy wasn't a cop. The lesson being if you're so paranoid that you "give yourself up" to a water inspector, you probably shouldn't be in the grow-op business.


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