Sunday, September 18, 2005

Staying put

Well, I regretfully decided against taking the apartment in town. In the end, I have time to hold out for something more appropriate but I was sorry to give up the opportunity to get to know Ben and his sweetheart better.

Meanwhile, I called about another place that's just around the corner from me. It turned out it was owned by my current landlord. It made for an awkward moment but I guess it's good he knows that I'm thinking of moving on. I'm thinking if he comes up with something I like better than this house, I might be able to break this lease without losing my deposit. Maybe I could transfer it.

In the interim, I found a little house on-line that's for sale that I would love to buy but unfortunately, that's rather a pipe dream since I haven't got enough saved for a down payment yet. Of course, they're finally about to start a lottery here. Maybe I could win the money. Heh.


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