Friday, September 16, 2005

Late start

It's a been a busy day so I'm late getting started. I've been tied up for a few hours on a little research project on airplane propellors for my old boss that was kind of fun. I also looked at an apartment this morning. I'm thinking about moving. I spent an hour or so just walking around my house afterwards, mulling over my options.

The place is cute, but it's much smaller than this house and it still has this vague mustiness to it. It's also not as nice. One of the bedrooms has an evil looking rug in it and the kitchen isn't as good. It does it have it upside however. It's comes with a washer and dryer, it's in a quiet neighborhood but it's close enough to the center of town so I could walk in if I felt like going to the blues club or having breakfast in the morning at the wifi cafe. It's much cheaper and I could get a discount for dogsitting when the landlord is on his selling trips.

The downside is, the landlord lives on the property. I've never had much luck with that arrangement. The apartment however is above the workshop and not in the actual house. The landlord also seems to be pretty cool. He and his girlfriend look to be a little younger than me, but not much. He's a jewelry maker and they're kind of earthy.

If the place was a little nicer, I would be feeling more enthusiatic about it. I think I need to go back and look at it again tomorrow with a more critical eye. I'm trying to remember whether the bedrooms had paneling. That would definitely be a minus. I don't think there was much storage either and I definitely remember the bathroom was teeny but it had a full size tub. I can't remember if it has AC.

I didn't ask a bunch of questions that I should have, like about the trash and water and heat sources. I don't know. I can't quite discount it but I also have the time to hold out for something better since my lease doesn't run out until January and moving is a such a drag, I won't want to do it again even though I have almost no stuff now. Then again there aren't that many rentals in town.

I hate these major life choices. I'm really terrible at this stuff.


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