Friday, September 16, 2005

Got blogs to remember

I'm overdue on welcoming some new blogs to my personal sphere starting with Letters from the Bostonian Exile, an old friend from Beantown who blogs law and politics. He doesn't post much on drug reform but click over and have a look anyway. He's a smart guy who has a lot of interesting ideas.

Don Surber doesn't blog on drugs either and unless you follow my political blogs, it would take too long to explain how I became so fond of him even though I disagree with most of what he says. Still he's a real common sense guy who has won me over and not just because I discovered that sweetie put Last One Speaks on his blogroll.

Now you'll notice that he does not have The Impolitic on that roll. His largess apparently doesn't extend so far as to encourage my Libbytarianism. And who knows, maybe he just likes the bird stories over here, but I think it more likely he's on the our side in policy reform. Anyway, thanks for the support Don. It means a lot coming from you.

Finally I'd like to introduce you to the Qatar crowd. I don't know how he found me but Rohit from the Quatar Diary took The Impolitic international when he linked to me. He's a 25 year old journalist/writer from India who moved to Qatar for the money. His quirky tales of angst on the Arab Street get addictive. He doesn't blog on reform either but he does happen to have a recent post on a big hash bust that offers some very interesting insights on vice in Qatar.

He also has a hell of a blogroll. I just started clicking it yesterday and discovered another couple of young bloggers of interest. Arroclint, a kid jaded beyond his years, is also living in Qatar and from the US comes Casual Friday. This kid apparently posts random bizarre thoughts once a week. He verges on sick, but his stuff makes me laugh. Don't go there if you're easily offended though.


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