Saturday, September 24, 2005

DEA delays UMASS research case - again

The hearings in the court case filed against the DEA for unjustifiably denying UMASS a license to produce research grade marijuana have been postponed at the DEA's request to the week of Dec. 12, 2005. The DEA was to begin presenting their expert testimony on Monday but asked for a continuance.

Perhaps they couldn't find any experts willing to sell out to their propaganda but more likely they simply aren't prepared and want to keep the case in limbo in any event, to prevent the research necessary to gain FDA approval for marijuana as a medicine. It would after all seriously screw up their arrest statistics if they weren't allowed to bust sick people anymore.

Media Awareness Project is sponsoring a letter writing campaign to our legislators about this issue. They have a letter you can and paste to your representative and a tool that will get you to the rep's contact information.

The bright side of this delay is we have plenty of time to lobby our Congresscritters, but don't let that delay you. Write early and often.


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