Friday, September 09, 2005

Drug Sense Weekly

Pete at the Drug WarRant has an excellent post up about the latest HHS study on the alleged need for treatment of marijuana "dependence" as defined by those who profit from providing the programs. As Pete says,
The entire concept of "treatment" (and the definitions of those who need it) in drug policy data, needs to be re-examined from the ground up (and not by those who benefit from it). The mere fact that a study can claim that roughly 1 in 10 Americans need treatment is a strong warning sign that the data and/or assumptions are seriously flawed.

Meanwhile, Jacob Sullum sees a ray of hope in a Roberts confirmation to the Supreme Court.

September 10-17 is Free Marc Emery week. Click here to see how you can help and for some nifty graphix.

And my pal Michael Krawitz has an excellent essay on why marijuana research should be legalized.


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