Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Emery Update

Following up on this story, it appears Patrick Roberts is not your ordinary plaintiff. Paddy has a somewhat colorful past of his own, having been charged with drug violations himself and spent some amount of time in a Dutch prison while in the midst of his own Canadian trial. The Canadian DA may have ratted him out to the US feds. The Dutch were holding him pending extradition by the US, who wanted him because he screwed up their fraud of drug war when he exposed their harassment of cannabis traders while they basically ignored cocaine trafficking.

He was charged with the ever popular conspiracy and the US had an even lamer case against him than they do now against Marc Emery. My sources tell me he beat those charges and is at the present time free and clear. In the instant case now before the Canadian courts, the matter has not yet gone forward on account of jurisdictional issues.

Certainly, the case cannot be thrown out for collusion, since Paddy and Marc had a falling out years ago and Paddy has publicly made acrimonious remarks about Marc many times in the intervening years.

As to why Paddy now filed charges that would appear to benefit Marc, I would guess that having gone through an unjust extradition himself, that Paddy was more pissed at the US government than he was at Marc and he is probably a pretty nice guy anyway and wouldn't let his personal feeling get in the way of rendering assistance if he could.

I would also guess that Paddy is a cannabis consumer and has been for many years. Which begs the question, if the plant is supposed to be so bad for you, as the prohibition profiteers would have you believe, then how did he think up such a brilliant move?


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