Monday, September 05, 2005

Citizen's arrest?

I don't know quite to make of this. It's an old piece but I hadn't heard this before and I've seen nothing about this hearing. I don't have a link, but here's the money grafs from the Express News.
A South Slocan resident is embarking on the process to lay charges against marijuana activist and B.C. Marijuana Party leader Marc Emery, dubbed the Prince of Pot, and two other individuals.

The courts of British Columbia have an application for a process hearing to hear Patrick Roberts' case against Emery, Gregory Keith Williams and Michelle Rainey-Fenkarek for manufacturing marijuana distributing marijuana and money laundering on Monday, August 29.
I've never heard of personal prosecution for alleged criminal violations. Can any citizen file a complaint against anyone, one wonders? Seems like asking for trouble to me. In any event, this is no ordinary citizen.
Roberts is the former Justice Critic for the B.C. Marijuana Party, and the founder of the Bloc B.C. political party.
I hope to be updating this one.


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