Sunday, September 04, 2005

Marijuana is good medicine

This is interesting. Another use for marijuana derived treatments.

IP 751, a potent synthetic analog of a metabolite of THC-the principal active ingredient of marijuana-effectively suppresses pain and bladder overactivity in hypersensitive bladder disorders such as interstitial cystitis (IC), according to animal model study results presented today at the annual meeting of the International Continence Society.

IP 751 is a potent anti-inflammatory and a powerful analgesic, although the mechanisms by which it works are unknown.

"Interstitial cystitis is a difficult disease to treat, and not all treatments work well on all patients," said Michael Chancellor, M.D., professor of urology at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. "Any new option we can give our patients to alleviate their painful symptoms is very exciting."

And yet the prohibition profiteers at the DEA and ONDCP still continue to insist that the plant has no medicinal value, simply so they can keep it illegal.


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