Sunday, September 04, 2005

Hungarians rock EU with marijuana is good for you campaign

I never really understood Monty Python but this piece made me laugh. A little English humor from The Spoof. Click on the link just for the picture but here's a funny graf or two.

Prime Minister Tony Blair warned that the EC could be plunged into a political crisis if the lax approach on marijuana and cannabis was not replaced with far more robust legislation.

But with Peter Medgyessy, the Hungarian PM, already announcing his decision to step down from office, his attitude towards Mr Blair was relaxed, but far from conciliatory.

In an approximate translation, Mr Medgyessy said: “Calm down man, chill out; what you need is a really good hit. Will I skin up?”

The Member states were not totally united behind Mr Blair. The Dutch, all wearing MP3 players, seemed totally nonplussed over the situation while the Belgian contingent remained silent, raising suspicions that its stance was linked to the sudden increase in chocolate exports to the former communist state.


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