Tuesday, September 06, 2005

DEA dares to rewrite history

Speaking of the DEA's evil plans, Scott at Grits for Breakfast catches them lying again and they must really be feeling really desperate when they start getting all nostalgic for alcohol prohibition. They actually put up a claim on their website stating alcohol prohibition did so work.

Since Scott caught this latest absurdity, I'll let him answer.
Let's grant for the moment all their disputable fact assertions. If alcohol consumption under Prohibition was at 1/3 current rates, doesn't that mean that LOTS of Americans were consuming alcohol in defiance of the law? Wouldn't that mean banning booze didn't work any better than has drug prohibition?

Think about it: What if four out of ten beer drinkers today were suddenly labeled "criminals"? Would that "work"? Hell no.

With prisons already full, reinstating alcohol Prohibition would degenerate quickly into an irredeemable, absurdist chaos. Keeping booze legal and regulated restricts childrens' access, while nearly every American teenager knows where to buy pot (or knows someone who knows). Plus, alcohol-producers' revenue stream is heavily taxed and doesn't wind up supplying violent criminals, as happens now with the money Americans pay for illegal drugs. Renewing alcohol Prohibition would be a full-blown disaster from every perspective.
But isn't that just like a bureaucrat to justify their current failures by attempting to reframe their past ones as success stories?


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