Thursday, September 08, 2005

Debunking the myths on medical marijuana

I'm burned out on Katrina outrage so I'm just going to post this latest statistic on medical marijuana and it's effect on teenagers. Unsurprisingly, teenage drug use declined in states that allow its use.

SACRAMENTO — Bucking dire predictions by anti-drug warriors, the 10 states that approved medical marijuana laws over the last decade have experienced sharp declines in cannabis use among teenagers, according to a new study by a marijuana advocacy group.

California has seen usage among ninth-graders drop 47% since 1996, the year the state became the nation's first to legalize medical marijuana. Over the same period, the nation as a whole experienced a 43% decline among eighth-graders.
The study, released today, is based on data from national and state surveys, which show a drop in marijuana use by teens.
So in other words, if the prohibition profiteers really meant it when they say they're only interest is in protecting children from drugs, should be supporting medical marijuana as an avenue towards acheiving that goal. Don't hold your breath waiting though.


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