Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Seattle Hempfest goes off with a hitch

On a brighter note, our federales didn't swoop down on the Hempfest this year despite the fact the pot smokers and paraphernalia dealers were in abundance. The Vancouver Sun reports:
Even former police chief Norm Stamper is a big fan of its time-for-a-change message and endorses it: "I think the scope and magnitude of the damage that's been done by the war on drugs far exceeds the damage of any other crime-fighting public policy in the history of the country."
The Seattle Times weighs in with this.
Many weren't shy about firing up a joint while they lounged in the park.
Seattle police were there, but spokesman Sean Whitcomb explained, "Marijuana enforcement is one of our lowest priorities. Keeping the public safe is our No. 1 mission at Hempfest."
But as fair warning, he added, "That doesn't mean we don't enforce a crime if it happens in front of an officer."
In other words, it's not wise to rub their noses in it.
Meanwhile the Arizona Daily takes a dim view of the festival in particular and cannabis consumers in general. Our Princess of Prohibition, Karen Tandy, could have written that piece for them.


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