Sunday, August 21, 2005

Wild life

I have a new wildflower in the yard. Well actually they're only in the neighbor's yard since mine was mowed but they're an interesting change. It appears they're some form of chaffhead, although mine aren't as robust as these.

The wildflowers have been a definite plus about living here. There's a lot that also grow up north but a few really nice ones that don't. Earlier in the season, there were a lot of these moth mullen around. The picture doesn't do them justice and it's fun to see wisteria and passionflowers growing wild on the roadside. I meant to dig one up from the construction site and bring it home but I never got around to it. I think it needs more sun than I have in any event.

Meanwhile, I have this weird little vine popping up in the back yard that I still haven't been able to identify. Kind of tender foliage with a three lobed leaf. They keep getting mowed down before they flower but there's one that just sprang up by the side of the house. I'm hoping that one blooms by the end of the season so I can figure out what it is. These little mysteries drive me crazy.


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