Sunday, August 21, 2005

Back to work

Well, it's my last day off before another eight day stretch of long hours - I hate this rotation - and I didn't get half the things on my list checked off. Got the lawn mowed though. What a blessing it was to find Ortega.

I was supposed to wake up early yesterday and pick up all the limbs that fell off the trees in the last couple of storms before he got here but as usual, I stayed up way too late, thinking and drinking, so I didn't hear the lawn mower outside the window until he was just about done. He picked up the sticks too thank God. I didn't mind doing it in the cooler weather, but the bug thing has got me so creeped out since it got hot, that I've been afraid to go out and do it without being fully decked out in jeans, boots and a long sleeve shirt. That leaves a small window in the morning to get it done without dying of heatstroke.

Meanwhile, my sis has instructed me on spider removal and snake avoidance, so maybe if I get brave I'll try to move that spider in the carport this afternoon. I don't really want to kill it. I just want it to live somewhere else. It had me so freaked out that I brought the groceries through the other door because I was afraid to walk under it in the dark. It's braver at night and hangs lower. Annie thinks it's probably just a garden spider, but I'm not taking any chances.

Anyway, I'll be back to mainly evening posting starting tomorrow. It's an early call and my sleeping schedule is off. It will take a day or two to adjust again. I'm so not a morning person.


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