Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Update on the Utah rave bust

The stuff is still pouring into the in-box. Haven't seen Ben Masel in a long time but he resurfaced to express his outrage, constructively as usual. He posts a letter he wrote to the reporter at the Salt Lake City Tribune.

Between Ben and the blogosphere, the Trib posted an updated article that was a little more balanced. I won't bother analyzing this one because Pete Guither beat me to this and echoes my thoughts. He also links to a Provo article that indicates despite the cops' contention, the event was indeed fully permitted.

The thing really rankles me is the arrest of the security guards. The sheriff says they busted up the party out of concern for drug and alcohol use and then arrest the guys who are preventing it from being brought in - for holding it. Well what were they supposed to do? Run it down to local PD, baggie by baggie or have a big old bonfire and burn it as they consficate it? A bonfire is probably against the law at this time of year.

Sheer insanity. It's a culture war folks and it's a war on Americans - not drugs.


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