Thursday, August 25, 2005

Out of the archives, Michelle Malkin speaks

For readers who don't follow my political blogs, it would take too long to explain my distaste for Michelle Malkin. At the present time I find her to be an over-hyped spiteful raving maniac. But, my right-wing co-blogger, BatOne at Pennywit, sent me a link to this solid and sensible piece she wrote in 2000 about the war on some drugs that's worth archiving. She says,
... Downey's case simply underscores that the drug war is a costly and selective form of government paternalism that has done far more harm than good.
She goes on to cite the CATO Institute, Milton Friedman and Families Against Mandatory Minimums and closes with these words.
Black and white, young and old, famous and nameless -- Americans from all walks of life can identify with the broken soul of Robert Downey Jr. His addiction is his own prison. His public humiliation is its own life sentence. The war on drugs is an expensive quagmire that needlessly punishes people who've already punished themselves beyond repair.
I'm glad to know she was sane once, before she apparently drank the koolaid and decided to become a rabid pit bull for the White House. I wonder if she would write something like this today, in light of the administration's incomprehensible vendetta against cannabis consumers, not to mention pain management doctors.

Update: Welcome Agitator readers. Thanks Radley.


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