Saturday, August 13, 2005

Marc Emery speaks

The NYT picks up the Emery story and runs a good profile piece. They don't overtly express outrage at this breach of sovereignty or the waste of tax resources in going after a political target under the guise of the war on some drugs but neither do they imply approval of the DEA's folly. Overall it's an even-handed article and worth the time to read.

Meanwhile Marc has issued his own statement at PotTV and in a written piece at Cannabis Culture. It's an eloquent appeal to take up the struggle and give a little back to the man and the movement he led and inspired for almost the last decade. This graf sums up the philosophy of Marc's quest.
Overgrow the Government. Absolutely right. Inherent in that beautiful phrase are so many ideals and glories of a co-operative, peaceful society. Plant the seeds of freedom. Not overthrow, which speaks of violent conflict. But overgrow, using God’s greatest plant, and the enlightenment that comes from ingesting marijuana, to further a peaceful, democratic, revolution based on tolerance and peace and unity of all peoples. Plants, not violence. Reason, not murderous incarceration. Personal freedom, not the Nazified paramilitary violence of the DEA.
The DEA threw down the gauntlet against personal freedom and international sovereignty. They apparently truly believe they can set themselves up as the world's cops and suppress protected political activity at will.

Now is the time for all activists to take up their pens and fight back. The war won't end unless we protest this transparent attempt to export the DEA's perverse vendetta against a harmless plant, across the globe. It's the least we can do, not only for Marc but for law abiding cannabis consumers everywhere.


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